Government freezes duty on wine, spirits, beer and cider

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The UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, has given the country’s drinks trade – and hospitality businesses – an early Christmas present by not increasing duty across drinks categories.

Though his Autumn Budget 2017 mentioned plans to increase duty on high-strength ciders in the future, Hammond announced that there would be no increases on any other alcohol categories.

‘Recognising the pressure on household budgets, and backing our great British pubs, duties on other ciders, wine, spirits and on beer, will be frozen,’ he said.

The Wine & Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), which had called for a duty freeze in the lead up to the budget, praised the move.

‘We are pleased that the Chancellor has found his festive spirit and listened to the call from the WSTA and its members and has frozen wine and spirit duty,’ said Miles Beale, chief executive.

‘He has shown the Government is in touch with what consumers want and is supporting an industry which is proving to be a real asset to British business. This decision will be celebrated by millions who will raise a glass this festive season.’

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