Innis & Gunn hitchhiker reaches New Delhi

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Scottish Brewer Innis & Gunn is having its moment in the spotlight. Following its crowdfunding success, Innis & Gunn’s beer-loving hitchhiker Manny Marshall has finally made it to New Delhi after a mammoth beer-fuelled 5,000 mile trip.

Starting his journeyinnis-gunn-hitchhike-to-india eight weeks ago in Edinburgh, Marshall hitchhiked his way to India, using nothing but Innis & Gunn IPA as currency – paying homage to the journey of the original IPAs from Britain to India.

The trip took Marshall across France, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Greece. Avoiding volatile regions in the Middle East he hops-ed on a plane to Mumbai, before embarking on the final 900 miles to Delhi.

Sharing over 120 cans of IPA with strangers, Marshall kept watchers updated on the Innis & Gunn blog and social media, using the hashtag #IPAtoIndia.

His journey even saw him share a beer with a newlywed couple posing for pictures on Prague’s Charles Bridge, drink on the steps of the 2,500 year-old Acropolis in Athens, and hitch a ride on a tuk-tuk in Mumbai.

Bringing the beer-athon to an end, Marshall’s journey ended yesterday with a final sip of IPA under the India Gate in Delhi.

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