Jack McGarry to appear at this year’s Barmetrix London workshop

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With a world’s best bar on his hands, it’s safe to say that Jack McGarry knows a thing or two about good HR.

Bringing his expertise back across the Pond, Dead Rabbit’s McGarry will be presenting a HR workshop at The Curtain hotel in London’s Shoreditch on 25 July.

Working with Sean Finter and the Barmetrix Acclr8 programme, McGarry is constantly looking for ways to identify what makes Dead Rabbit’s unique philosophy so successful and effectively communicate this to his staff.

His talk will cover conducting HR that will ensure you identify, attract, induct and retain the staff you need to drive your business ‘through Brexit and beyond’.

‘It’s helping us make the intangibles in our philosophy tangible,’ said McGarry. ‘Working with Barmetrix and their Accelr8 program has been essential for us to distill our philosophy and our culture. So when we expand we’re not amplifying problems, we’re amplifying what we’re brilliant at.’

Visit the Barmetrix website to secure your tickets for the 10am-4pm seminar.

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