Mr Black becomes first drink to make buyers sit an exam

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Aussie cold-pressed coffee liqueur Mr Black has gone all schooly on us, becoming, probably, the first drinks brand to make prospective buyers sit a ‘written exam’ before purchasing.

caffeine_mrblackgeishaexam_v3The brand’s special edition £115 coffee liqueur is made using the rare and expensive Panama Geisha coffee, and with only six bottles in the world, Mr Black is making sure buyers appreciate the flavours of the liquid inside.

Interested in competing to stock this roaster of a liqueur? The mini exam will feature in the December issue of Caffeine magazine, and it’s also online for prospective buyers to complete. The eight question exam features a mix of multiple choice and essay style questions, all on the origin and grading of the luxury coffee along with the taste and method behind the brewing process.

Once filled out, potential customers have 30 days to post their exam papers to the invigilators, who will then pick the most appropriate candidate.

‘Having spent the best part of a year working to craft and nurture our incredibly small supply of special edition farm-to-glass Panama Geisha coffee into existence, we were a little worried that some of the UK’s hard-core coffee fans were going to miss out,’ says Mr Black director, Tom Baker.

‘It really is a once-in-a-lifetime product, using the prized Camilina Geisha from Auromar Estate – which was this year awarded the Best Natural Panama Geisha in the world,’ added Caffeine magazine’s founder Scott Bentley. ‘With only six bottles remaining in the world, we have been working closely with the team at Mr Black to design and define a set of questions that will help us to find a like-minded coffee fanatic and give them the chance to share this exquisite liquid with.’

So, if you fancy your chances at getting your hands on a bottle of Mr Black Panama Geisha, complete the test by 11 December…

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