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Britain’s pubs raised more than £101 million for charity during 2010, according to the results of a new survey.

Nearly 1,500 venues were sampled by telephone and via the website of PubAid and, according to analysis by CGA Strategy, some 667 different charities benefited from the money raised.

Top of the list of charity winners were Help for Heroes, Air Ambulance, the RNLI, and various charities devoted to cancer research and support.

PubAid estimates that 77% of the 60,000 pubs and bars in the UK carried out some kind of charitable activity last year; of those that didn’t, more than 90% said they would during 2011.

On average, each pub raised an estimated £2,143, with more than 90% of respondents confirming that they have a collecting tin on the bar.

The survey was welcomed by Bob Neill MP after last week’s BII lunch. ‘This survey clearly demonstrates the amazing support that many community pubs give to charities across the country,’ he said.

‘Creating a sense of community within pubs provides a number of benefits, not only allowing large sums of money to be raised for charity, but also providing important local social hubs and ensuring the popularity of this great British institution.’

Visit the Pubaid website to download full results.

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