London Fields Brewery raided by HMRC

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Jules de Vere Whiteway-Wilkinson, who runs London Fields Brewery, has been arrested following a raid of the brewery by HM Revenue and Customs.

According to the Evening Standard, HMRC officers came to his home in Stoke Newington to question him about allegations that he has not been paying VAT at the brewery.

HMRC officers apparently also raided the brewery. The five beers listed on the London Beer Brewery website shop are currently indicated as out of stock.

When contacted by Imbibe, HMRC said they could ‘neither confirm nor deny any operation’ but did confirm that on 3 December, they ‘arrested a 42 year old man in London on suspicion of cheating the revenue in respect of VAT’.

Earlier this week, blog Loving Dalston had also reported that locals saw ‘documents and equipment’ being removed from the property, and that HMRC were also spotted removing material from the property.

This comes after news earlier this month that Whiteway-Wilkinson, who was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment in 2004 for drug dealing, had only paid a fraction of what he was ordered to repay following his early release. He has only paid £265,115 out of the £2.1 million profit he was ordered to repay, and additionally owes £1.2 million of interest.

He faces a potential eight-year sentence for non-payment, but was given until late May 2015 to repay ‘a significant sum’ at a hearing at the Magistrate’s Court early in November.

London Fields Brewery was not available to comment for this article.

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