Premium Californian canned wine from Larkin winery to make UK debut

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A range of three canned wines from Californian winery Larkin is set to launch in the UK on-trade through recently established boutique importer James Hocking Wine.

Napa-based Larkin winery specialises in premium Cabernet Sauvignon and red blends. The range, cheekily dubbed ‘Larkan’, is made up of Napa Valley White 2017, a blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier and Roussanne; Napa Valley Red 2017, a varietal Merlot; and Napa Valley Pink 2018, a varietal Pinot Noir rosé from the Carneros AVA.

‘In the UK there is big market for Californian wine,’ said Hocking of James Hocking Wine, ‘and here we have a premium Californian wine in a can, which is light to carry and can be taken wherever a glass bottle of wine is not allowed.’

Sean Larkin, owner and winemaker of Larkin winery, said that he decided to can his wines to extend their drinking occasions to festivals, sporting and outdoor events.

‘I was at the beach with friends and we didn’t have any wine due to the no-glass policy,’ said Larkin. ‘I started researching alternatively packaged wines already on the market, and quickly realised there was no offer within the super-premium category… I genuinely feel there is significant market potential for canned wine.’

£7-8/37.5cl, James Hocking Wine, (available from May 2019)

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