Wetherspoon to swap Jagermeister and French brandies for non-EU products

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JD Wetherspoon has announced it will no longer serve the German liqueur Jagermeister and French brandies Courvoisier VS and Hennessy Fine de Cognac across its 880 pubs starting 26 September.

These products will be replaced with the English-made herbal liqueur Strika, the American brandy E&J and the Australian brandy Black Bottle.

A spokesperson from the Wetherspoon marketing team told Imbibe that ‘the switch is 100% inspired by Brexit. [The company] believes Brexit gives it a chance to introduce non-EU products that will be better value for its customers’.

According to Wetherspoon founder Tim Martin, the three new products will be offered at a lower price than the ones they are replacing, and performed better in the company’s blind tastings.

‘Many commentators talk of a “cliff-edge” if the UK “crashes out” of the EU without a deal,’ said Martin.

‘In reality, there is no cliff-edge, only sunlit uplands beyond the EU’s protectionist system of quotas and tariffs. All EU products have UK or non-EU replacements, often at equal or better quality and price.

‘It’s important to remember that 93% of the world is outside the EU.’

The three European-produced drinks are not the first to lose their place behind Wetherspoon bars. The company has already replaced champagne with sparkling wines from the UK and Australia, and swapped German wheat beers with those from the UK.

‘We will continue to review all products over the next 24 months, with the object of making the business more competitive and offering the best choice and value for customers,’ said Martin.

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