One more cup of coffee for the road?

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If the profligacy of the ‘big four’ supermarket chains in our daily lives wasn’t pronounced enough, how about a chain of Waitrose coffee shops hitting the UK high street?

Plans are afoot to roll-out in-store cafes in 1/3 of Waitrose supermarkets by the end of this year, and if all goes to plan then stand-alone outlets could soon be giving Starbucks et al, not to mention the smaller independents, a run for their money. Speaking at the British Retail Consortium’s annual symposium, MD Mark Price reasoned that ‘there should be no reason why you can’t break out of the shops and have (a Waitrose café) as a standalone’

For now though, the party line is that plans are still at pipe-dream level, with the press office stating ‘we’re very pleased with our new concept cafés and we’ll be rolling these out across the chain. In the long-term we may look at stand alone cafés on the High Street, but have no firm plans at present.’

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