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p>It is a fact commonly acknowledged that it’s hard to get a decent cup of tea on the go in the capital. Coffee, yes, but tea-drinkers (and there are many of us) are sadly overlooked in this supposedly tea-loving country.

However, if you happen to work or play near Liverpool Street, things are looking up. Chinese street food takeaway restaurant NOW is patriotically celebrating the tealeaf by offering a selection of unadulterated black, green and white teas. They also make it onto the cold drinks menu with iced flavours including: melon and lime bubble; lychee and ginger; strawberry and vanilla; and pear and kumquat. Miles away from a can of the lemon-flavoured stuff then…

Beyond tea there are freshly squeezed juices and coolers– carrot and ginger; pineapple and coconut – and an especially exciting wasabi-flecked Virgin Mary, alongside some Chinese beers. All drinks, bar the beer, are between £1.50 and £2.

On the food side, there’s good news for lovers of those ‘steamed parcels of deliciousness’ that sit-down Chinese restaurants (namely Ping Pong) have had a monopoly on for so long… Thanks to a pioneering new cardboard steaming ‘basket’, fresh dim sum dumplings can be cooked and served to go. (Incidentally, NOW is the new venture from the people behind Ping Pong.)

The whole place is enlivened by mages of neon Chinese characters on Shanghai street signs covering the walls – very cool.

For more information visit the NOW website

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