Vitamin-enriched coffee launches in the UK

Drinks: Coffee, Hot drinks
Location: UK

We’re all guilty of a cup of coffee too many, but what if each cup of that liquid of life gave you, actually, even more life, and was packed with vitamins, minerals and an extra hit of caffeine?

Well, Vitamin Coffee has just launched, appealing to all you establishments with a wellness-loving customer base.

The coffee is made from roasted beans sourced in Asia, Africa and Central America, and is mixed with a range of vitamins that complement the flavour. The range consists of three vitamin blends: Complete, Defence and Energy, each of which offers unique health benefits. (We’ve also been reassured the taste difference is pretty much unnoticeable.)

Defence is said to boost your immune system, with vitamins C and D. Energy is designed to give you a kick start with an extra hit of caffeine and vitamin B. Finally, Complete supports general wellbeing, containing the RDA of 14 essential vitamins and minerals.

At the minute, the coffee is available in a fortnightly subscription box, but we can see the appeal to craft coffee shops, hotels, healthy restaurants and artisan cafés all around the UK.

No word on the taste, but actor, model and brand advocate Billy Brayshaw says, ‘I love the fact that Vitamin Coffee combines vitamins within their blends which adds loads of nutritional value but still tastes amazing!’ So, take his word for it.

£8.95/14 servings, Vitamin Coffee,

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