London Essence Company forages for bartender talent

Location: UK

In another mentoring future talent initiative, The London Essence Company is launching a bartender workshop programme with its first theme surrounding all things foraging.

The Autumn/ Winter session will feature industry mentors Nick Strangeway, Stu Bale and a so-called forager/alchemist Jemma Foster. Addie Chinn will be snapping away throughout the day.

Launching at the Crucible, London, seven bartenders (as chosen by brand ambassador Hamish Bremner) will be involved in collaborative sessions on foraging 101 before being tasked with creating their expression of the season.

After the sessions, the lucky seven will have access to the lab (complete with rotovap, water bath and ice cream maker) for a fortnight before regrouping to share their final creations.

As the ‘first’ British non-alcoholic drinks brand to create a bartender forum, The London Essence Co has pledged to support the participants (and their creations) within the industry by offering social media and presentation training.

‘As a bartender myself, I know how important it can be to express creativity,’ Bremner said. ‘Whether it is creating drinks for people off the cuff or designing drinks with a team. With our seasonal project we are creating a support structure that will grow, change and be a rewarding experience for years to come. I look forward to exploring new ideas with my peers.’

‘The spirit of collaboration is at the heart of everything we do and we’re delighted to bring together fresh faces with established mentors in the bartending community to spark creativity from season to season,’ Ounal Bailey, co-founder of WiseHead Productions which launched The London Essence Company last year, added.

‘Our ambition is for this community to evolve with the changing needs of modern bartenders.’

If you want to be in with a chance of experiencing this foraging first, apply here.

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