Monin UK launches industry’s first popcorn syrup

Location: England
Monin UK is adding another flavour to its 140-strong portfolio, with the launch of its latest syrup – Popcorn.
MONIN Popcorn packshotThe first popcorn-flavoured syrup, according to Monin, it’s designed to replicate the buttery and nutty flavour of popcorn, transferring it to cocktails, milkshakes, coffees and other drinks.
The syrup has been created with the aim of meeting a perceived trend for dessert and snack flavours in liquid form. In addition to uses in the world of coffee, and adding it to a hard shake, recommended serves include a Popcorn Espresso Martini or Popcorn Colada.
The new flavour will also be the flagship syrup for Monin’s Winter 2016 beverage programme, giving support to bar owners looking to create seasonal drinks, and will come with branded POS such as tent cards, posters and illustrated recipe booklets. For more info, visit the Monin website.
‘Popcorn’s popularity as a snack has exploded in recent years, with several new brands and varieties launching into the marketplace,’ said Lee Hyde, Monin’s beverage innovation manager. ‘We want to capitalise on this trend by bringing that much-loved, nostalgic flavour into the bar and coffee shop sectors.

‘The popcorn syrup’s buttery, roasted notes are paired perfectly with a caramelised nuttiness, which really shines through in a flavoured latte or hot chocolate. Popcorn milkshakes are a must-try too; add a shot of bourbon to create a hard shake for your menu… Our new premium syrup will enable bartenders and baristas to experiment with exciting flavour combinations while maintaining excellent consistency and quality of flavour from drink to drink.’

The syrup is available in 70cl glass and 1l plastic bottles, and is dairy and gluten-free.

From £6.99 RRP, Bennett Opie, 01795 476154

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