A Zeo cameo

Location: England, Europe

The latest installation in the ever-changing basement at Shaker & Co is non-alcoholic newcomer Zeo.

The brand has transformed the space into the Zeo Pop-Universe, incorporating projected images connected with the brand’s particular style, with an overall emphasis on sensation in general. The basement has formerly housed brands like Benedictine and Belvedere, each creating a space appropriate to the product.

In other Zeo news, the brand’s educational programme – The Seek & Feel Academy – is going from strength to strength, with plans to run as often as once a week for the rest of the year. The one-day course includes some interesting tasting exercises, an introduction to the brand’s signature serve, and an opportunity to create an original cocktail, the best of which are then promoted by the brand.

Graduates include staff from venues such as The Markham Inn, Benares and DSTRKT. There are only 150 places left – to be considered for a place, visit the Seek & Feel site and enter code Z0001.

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