Goodbye to the grenade


After almost 25 years the iconic French raspberry liqueur Chambord – best known for its alarming resemblance to Monty Python’s holy hand grenade – has stepped down from the throne and given up its crown. Or rather it’s realised that you don’t actually need to be draped in your regal frippery for everyone to know your worth. Sometimes less is more. By this I mean that the bottle has undergone a redesign, with its formerly ornate detail and crown-topped lid being tempered down to create a more contemporary look.

Improved functionality is at the core of the new outfit, with a slightly longer neck meaning that the bottle is easier to get a good grip of. Then the branding has been embossed on to the bottle so the label doesn’t wiggle off, and, most importantly, it’s legible enough to be read by the ordering public (who, apparently, have been resorting to using the nickname over the years purely because they couldn’t read the label).

No need to worry about altering cocktail recipes that the liquid features in, as what’s inside the bottle remains utterly unchanged.

The new bottle will be filtering into bars in the next couple of weeks.

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