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After a night of over-indulgence comes the inevitable choice between the hair of the dog or something all-together more wholesome to lift the pain around your temples. If you elect to break the habit of a lifetime by eschewing the seemingly inevitable Bloody Mary/Fernet Branca/Red Eye and show your liver some love, then the Juiceology range might just be the answer.

This premium range of fruit juices comes in three flavours: apple lime and mint, lychee, berry and basil, and mandarin, citrus and cardamom. Each are imbued with milk thistle, which has been scientifically proven to prevent and repair ‘toxin induced liver damage’– so they’ve got more than a hint of the virtuous about them.

The London-based business was founded by mixologist and sommelier Joe McCanta and entrepreneur Richard Watson, who are now hoping to move their products into the on-trade. They see the juices being used in cocktails or sold as stand-alone soft drinks, as a welcome alternative to the ubiquitous saccharine sweetness of the market leaders. Juiceology juices are sold in 275ml bottles, with a shelf-life of 12 months, and there are also plans afoot to launch 750ml bottles for use on the bar. For more information visit the Juiceology website.

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