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Location: Europe, Spain

Magma de Cabreiroá is a mineral water that claims to have spent centuries in the dark.

Hailing from Galicia in north-west Spain, this semi-sparkling mineral water is sourced from the Cabreiroá aquifier. Rainwater passes through cracks in the granite and is apparently filtered by both granite and quartzite until it reaches 3,000 metres underground, mixing with CO2 and reaching 100°C. It is then forced back up towards the surface, and is collected at 150m underground.

The resulting water is soft and distinctly mineral, without being salty, and is only gently sparkling.

It’s packaged in 500ml black aluminium bottles, not only for aesthetic reasons, but to protect the contents from oxidation.

The water is being promoted as an accompaniment to food. ‘The combination of bicarbonate and natural gas stimulates the palate and makes food taste even better,’ according to CEO Ignacio Rivera, who adds that it makes a good cocktail ingredient too.

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