Tired? Listless?


Generations of South Americans can’t be wrong. Kaptive, a new range of coca-leaf drinks, touts a number of the plant’s benefits, including help with fatigue, hunger, altitude sickness and depression – though in case you were wondering, the leaves have been ‘decocainised’.

As if that’s not enough, the coca leaf is paired with that even more virtuous beverage ingredient, green tea, in one version of this range. The other two, Classic and Stamina Fresh – both carbonated – throw in a dose of caffeine and taurine too.

And when it comes to flavour, these break the energy-drink mould, in a good way.

Mixologist Christian Ozzati has done some work with the brand from a cocktail point of view. He suggests a rather energetic twist on the Negroni, with gin, Aperol and Kaptive Original, finished with a grapefruit twist.

£0.98 ex-VAT for Kaptive Original and Stamina Fresh; £1.02 ex-VAT for Kaptive Green Tea; Venus, 020 8801 0011

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