Fentimans works with bartenders to launch spirit pairing guide


Fentimans has designed a spirit pairing guide to offer mixed-drink inspiration to the on-trade and consumers alike.

Over a six-month process, the brand worked with bartenders, including Imbibe Educator of the Year 2017 Myles Cunliffe, director of Mixology Group, and ex-Savoy bartender Neil Donachie, now event manager at Fentimans, to develop the pairings.

‘We wanted to ensure we covered the key spirits categories and we carried out numerous taste tests to ensure that flavour profiles were balanced,’ Fentimans told Imbibe.

The guide comprises of six sections: gins, rums, agave-based spirits, fruit-based spirits, wines, and whiskies.

Fentimans breaks these categories down further to highlight certain flavour profiles and specific distillates. For example, the gin section distinguishes ‘juniper-forward’ expressions from those that are ‘citrus and herbaceous’, ‘floral’ and ‘sloe and sweet’, while the wine category includes everything from rosé to white port.

The brand then lists which of its mixers and tonics suit the spirit in question – for instance, that American whiskeys work with nine of its products, while single malt whiskies marry well with just three.

‘With such a breadth of flavours to work with, we needed to make sure each Fentimans product complemented and enhanced each spirit type perfectly,’ said Fentimans.

Earlier this year, Fentimans embarked on a £1.2m rebrand of its portfolio. The fresh new look, along with the spirit pairing guide, can be found on the brand’s website.

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