Banks Rum backs Punch in a big way

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If you’ve ever had even a passing interest in serving punch in your bar then you’re going to want to get your hands on Banks Rum’s new compact volume on the subject.

Punch: A Voyage of Discovery has been put together with the help of drinks historian David Wondrich, who knows more than a thing or two about this venerable category of drink – much of which is recorded in his own book, Punch. For Banks’ book, Wondrich contributes a history of punch, and a chapter entitled ‘How to Prepare Punch’.

Banks MeehanBanks global ambassador Jim Meehan (of PDT fame), in his chapter about the revival of punch, talks about the drink’s recent history, which began its renaissance in 2006. ‘Nearly a decade after John Gertsen and Nick Strangeway brought punch back to the cocktail bar, we feel it’s high time for the rest of us to get on board,’ he says.

‘I picked some of my favourite bartenders to collaborate with on this book,’ said Meehan at last night’s launch at (appropriately enough) Punch Room at The London Edition. It contains punch recipes from Punch Room’s own Davide Segat (see below), White Lyan and Dandelyan’s Ryan Chetiyawardana, The Dead Rabbit’s Jack McGarry, and more.

Meehan thinks there has been a shortage of tools to help bartenders serve punch, and that this has delayed its resurgence. He’s worked with Bacardí, Banks’ relatively new owner, to create some subtly branded bowls and cups, with ladles on the way. These will be available to bars that list Banks.

‘Freed from the shackles of your shakers, you can spend more time inspiring your guests…’ writes Meehan. As if you weren’t already convinced…

Enotria Punch
by Davide Segat of Punch Room, The London Edition
Glass: Punch cups filled with ice
Garnish: Grated nutmeg, red currants, and a spritz of peaty scotch
Method: Combine everything and chill before service
1 litre Sancerre
500ml Banks 7 Golden Age Rum
500ml lavender and thyme cordial
250ml lemon juice
250ml chilled water

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