Bartender-made bitters by Reina Lab

Location: England

While almost everyone in the bar industry has dabbled in the creation of their own cocktail ingredients, a pair of ambitious freelance bartenders are taking this to a whole new level. Michele Reina and Georgia Billing have set up Reina Labs, focusing on the creation of bespoke bitters, liqueurs, vermouth and amari.

They’re available to make products for their fellow bartenders, so if you’ve got something in mind, but aren’t in a position to make it yourself, they can help. Like their London Dry Bitters, added to tonic water to make a non-alcoholic G&T.

But there’s life beyond the lab. The pair have plans to open a bar – of course – and a shop too, which will both showcase a few of their products that are ready to be marketed this year. There’s a zero-added-sugar vermouth called Mastrostefano, the Amaro Panettone that is ‘like Italian Christmas cake in a bottle’, and the dark and herbal Amaro Nerone.

Or, you know, get them to make you something else. Either way, email

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