Opinion: Cachaça…The New Rhum** ?

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As a spirit lover I was very happy that the USA finally recognised cachaça as its own spirit and not just Brazilian Rum. So I was equally happy to discover that Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff recently signed into law a law establishing the Brazilian National Day of Reggae, to be celebrated annually on 11 May – the date Bob Marley died. I will now be drinking a Reggae cachaça punch next year on Mr Marley’s birthday in celebration of a country that :-

  • Is the world’s sixth largest by nominal Gross Domestic Product and is expected to become fifth by the end of 2012.
  • Its economy is the largest in Latin American nations and the second largest in the western hemisphere.
  • is also one of the fastest-growing major economies in the world with an average annual GDP growth rate of over 5 %
  • The imminent saint hood of Robert Nesta Marley….Come Jamaica. Who has promoted Jamaica in a more positive light than ANY other Jamaican ?

And Brazil will  play hosts to the next World Cup (2014) and the next Olympic Games (2016)! Oh, and don’t forget Diageo’s 2012 World Class finals.

It makes even more sense that the “big boys” of the spirits world invested heavily into the cachaça brand, Ypióca. This will soon mean that wherever you see a Johnnie Walker bottle, there will be a bottle of Ypióca close by…hopefully. Even though cachaça (and especially aged cachaça) has yet to reach its potential, except in Germany*, I predict that that cachaça WILL BE THE NEW RHUM ** !!! …within the next 5 years. With just under 400 million gallons of the sugarcane spirit drunk locally and world’s eyes focused on Brazil for the next 5 years, it will only be a matter of time before a cachaca brand claims that their cachaça was used in the first Caipirinha. And the world’s PR machine will start to promote the Caipirinha as the new Mojito. And of course in the future, no authentic “Batida” could ever be made without using Cachaça Brand X.

Just a thought !!!

* Only 1% of all cachaca is exported from Brazil with most of it being sold in Germany.

** Agricultural rhum made from sugarcane juice.

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