Opinion: Campari sprints to grab Jamaican gold !!!

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I now know why I’ve been drinking Jamaican rum Negroni’s over the past few months.

Campari Group, the maker of the bright red Italian aperitif, says it has acquired a controlling stake in Jamaican rum maker Lascelles deMercado from the Caribbean conglomerate CL Financial Ltd, owners of Angostura Rum & bitters. Campari said today (3 sep 2012) it had agreed to buy CL Financial’s 81.4 percent stake and would offer to buy the rest of Lascelles’ shares. The total price for all Lascelles’ shares is $415 million (about (EURO)330 million).

The company’s brands include The Appleton range, Wray & Nephew and Coruba. Campari, who recently bought Sagatiba Cachaca, has been on a global shopping spree for more than a dozen years as it seeks to expand the 150-year old company beyond production of its eponymous brew of herbs into new spirit and beverage lines. Lascelles marks its third-largest acquisition.  Trinidad-based CL Financial received a government bailout starting in 2009.

With a great portfolio including Wild Turkey, Sagatiba, Skyy Vodka (I know) and of course Campari, The Campari Group could start turning a few more heads with it’s acquisition of one of the world’s leading rum brands.

The JAgroni

25ml Wray Nephew

25ml Campari

25ml Sweet Vermouth

stir with one love, until very cold, to the music of Bob Marley !

Then pour over fresh ice into a rocks glass.

Add a large slice of orange for garnish.

Yeah Mon !!

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