Opinion: To Russia with love

Location: Europe

I’m off to Moscow for a few days in the company of my great friend Salvatore Calabrese. Apart from coping with -20 degrees and the snow I’m really looking forward to seeing my Russian bartending friends and to making new acquaintances amongst the bartending community there. From previous visits I have seen their enthusiasm and the pride they show in what they do and I’m looking forward to seeing just what they can create for the competition we will be judging.

I have been to many places around the world and whenever I find bartenders who take pride in bringing professionalism and skill to their work I also see happy customers and busy bars. Bartenders who enjoy what they do, who see the opportunity to express their creative ability and to share this with their customers will always do well.

There is nothing I hate more than a distracted bartender who doesn’t smile, doesn’t welcome me to his or her world and who is not able to tempt me with a cocktail that is well made and presented. This must be the ultimate turn off – so if I have to give advice to any of the young men and women I meet it would be – enjoy yourself, take pride in what you do and the customer will value every moment spent at the bar as well as coming back again and again! Happy bartender, happy customer……..happy boss!

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Peter Dorelli

Manager of the Savoy’s iconic American Bar for more than 20 years, Peter Dorelli has had a major hand in shaping the world-famous cocktail culture that London has today. The former president of the UK Bartenders’ Guild now devotes most of time to spreading the gospel of good service and campaigning for better training in the hospitality industry. He can also mix a mean Negroni.

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