Faster-aged bourbon Whisky Thief launches in the UK

Drinks: Bourbon
Location: USA

Whiskey ThiefWhiskey Thief is a new bourbon being launched by Amathus in the UK, made using ‘new innovation made available from the barrel industry’ to age it faster.

The product of many years of development by its UK creators together with Lawrenceburg-based MGP of Indiana distillery, the spirit combines two distillates that are aged in new charred American oak barrels that contain charred oak inserts to increase the surface area. These ‘helped the clock tick a little faster and accelerate the maturation process’, according to the company.

This new approach extends to the contemporary packaging, which takes virtually no cues from the rest of the bourbon category.

The first batch consists of only 80 barrels, so this won’t last long. Fortunately it won’t take them long to make more…

40% abv, £27.76/70cl, Amathus Drinks, 020 8951 9840

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