Bacardi’s new on-trade Grey Goose campaign to tap into kegged espresso martini trend


Bacardi is embracing the cocktails on tap trend with a new campaign dubbed ‘Disco Noir’, which will see the brand working with bars to install kegged Espresso Martinis using Grey Goose vodka.

The on-trade activation is set to roll out this autumn, Bacardi’s head of brand advocacy Shervene Shahbazkhani told Imbibe.

‘If you look at the flavour profile of what people are drinking nowadays, we’re bringing a lot of bitter flavours into our diet. Drinks that people would have scoffed at before – the negroni, the espresso martini – people are asking for,’ explained Shahbazkhani.

Now Bacardi seeks to fulfil that demand with its own version of the classic drink.

The Disco Noir Espresso Martini will reportedly contain Grey Goose La Vanille – yes, that very same La Vanille that was discontinued circa 2007. The flavoured vodka is making a comeback this November, just in time for festive serves.

Of course, Bacardi isn’t the first to recognise the thirst for espresso cocktails. In May, Funkin released an Espresso Martini mixer to make it easier for bartenders to whip up the caffeinated drink. And, earlier this summer, the Super Lyan team finished up its Tennessee Nitro Tours, in which the team travelled the UK demonstrating the methods behind its on-draught Espresso Martini and Jack Daniels mash-up.

Even more recently, Tia Maria reported a 320% increase in the sales of its coffee cocktails across selected Scottish venues during the brand’s Coffee Cocktail Month.

Learn more about the uptick in coffee cocktails here – and keep your eye out for a keg of Dick Bradsell’s classic behind your bar this autumn.

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