Cognac Frapin launches 1270 for apéritifs and cocktail making

Drinks: Cognac
Location: Cognac, France

It’s not every day, or month even, that a new cognac launches. So when we heard Cognac Frapin was introducing 1270 to its range, our ears pricked up.

Just in time for spring and summer drinking, Frapin 1270 has a long-ageing period in the ground-level humid cellars of Cognac Frapin, which sees more evaporation of alcohol than water. The result, so we’ve heard, is a rounder, fruitier drink, perfect for aperitifs, served over ice, or as a base for cocktails – a big focus for the brand this year. 

After distillation, the young cognac spends up to six months in ‘new’ oak barrels and then is quickly moved to older casks for extended ageing, before the oak is allowed to add too much colour or flavour profile. The cognac comes with no age classification.

Frapin describes the liquid as having a beautiful golden hue, with a nose of vine, lime blossom, and a hint of vanilla.

Created by cellar master Patrice Piveteau, 1270 is made with the same care and attention that goes into all of Frapin’s liquid, distilling over the fine lees and extended ageing, all with grapes grown exclusively in the Grande Champagne region.

‘This shaped bottle is very good for the bar trade, it is slim and fits well on the bar back, not taking up too much space,’ said Frapin’s export director Bertrand Verduzier.

‘We feel that we are going back to the great era of cocktail-making when cognac was king. Our ‘1270’ is very floral, delicate and smooth, which makes it a great ingredient for cocktails. It will complement, not dominate, so this naturally means that we’re leaning towards a younger audience who like to drink cocktails inspired by the older generations – their grandparents, even.’

‘Two thirds of cognac in the world is already consumed mixed, so we are not setting a trend,’ continued Verduzier. ‘We are moving away from the relatively recent tradition of drinking cognac on its own from a snifter. The snifter has never shown cognac at its best, and we welcome the move away from that, towards drinking cognac as a long drink or in a cool cocktail glass. We believe that 1270 will help with move as it mixes perfectly to make a long drink or a cool cocktail.’

£42/70cl, Louis Latour Agencies, 020 7409 7276

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