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A redesign of Courvoisier’s core range is coming

‘Who needs functionality when it comes to the design of bottles?!’ the cognac brands appear to cry when planning new packaging. Well, bartenders do actually.

And Courvoisier appears to have taken this into account, at least with its VSOP, in its first entire core range packaging redesign since the 1970s, in which the VSOP bottle has been slimmed down in order for it to sit in the speed rail. The bottle, which is narrower and longer, should now be easier for bartenders to pick up.

As a result of this, Imbibe can exclusively reveal that Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif will eventually be phased out of the core range – although not for a few years yet.

Got the look
The new bottles for the VS, VSOP and XO feature striking purple and gold labels that reference the design of the Eiffel Tower and the Belle Époque in Paris – Courvoisier was served at the opening of the famous monument in 1889.

‘The packaging will hopefully help the bottles stand out on the back bar,’ said Rebecca Asseline, Courvoisier global brand ambassador.

And expect some new POS to land at the same time, although the company was reticent to say what it will include yet. ‘We are working directly with markets, asking for feedback on what they’d like,’ said Jim Grierson, Maxxium UK on-trade sales director.

But expect a big push from the brand in bars and restaurants here: ‘Courvoisier has 74% volume in the UK on-trade market, and I think we have a responsibility to drive cognac in the UK market and recruit people to the category,’ said Grierson, saying that Courvoisier would be happy to ‘pick up the tab’ for other brands.

Asseline is planning on working with ‘new and up-and-coming bartenders’ to encourage them to work with cognac. ‘We will give help with training if you ask for it,’ stated Grierson, saying that bars need to stock five of Maxxium’s brands to qualify for it.

The new design will come to the UK in September, and there will apparently be no change to the price of the products.

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