Hayman’s Gin distillery returns to London


The Hayman family is returning to London to produce its range of traditional gins in a new distillery in Balham.

The Haymans are Britain’s longest-serving gin family, having started production more than 150 years ago. They moved to Witham in Essex in the 1970s but have always hoped to move back to the capital, and that dream will become a reality this autumn.

Miranda, Christopher and James Hayman

Miranda, Christopher and James Hayman

The new site is housed in a period brick warehouse four miles from the original distillery, and a refurbishment is taking place this summer. The first batches of Hayman’s flagship London Dry Gin scheduled to come off the stills in the autumn.

Jonathan Gibson is joining the business as brand director following previous roles at Compass Box and BrewDog, and he will manage the site and lead the development of the brand in the UK and overseas.

‘I’ve made no secret over the years of my ambition to move distillation of our range of English gins back to London,’ Christopher Hayman, head of the dynasty, said. ‘After several years of growth and continued interest in our story, I’m delighted we’re now at the stage where this has become a real possibility.

‘The increased capacity of the new site will allow us to share our range of traditional English Gins with ever more people both at home in the UK and with our many friends and partners all around the world.’

Son James added: ‘We have spent the last 18 months searching for the right building to house our new distillery. We are thrilled to be moving back to London, which fulfils a conversation dad and I had back in 2004.

‘This will be more than a distillery for us – it is a home that allows us to entertain, to educate and to share our family’s on-going passion for distilling English gin the traditional way. I am delighted that Jonathan has joined us and I look forward to working with him on developing and realising our ambitions for the distillery and for our range of English Gins.’

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