Hendricks says happy World Cucumber Day!

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‘Is that a cucumber in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?…’

This will be the question on many bartenders’ lips today as customers swap currency for cucumbers around the country in celebration of World Cucumber Day.

Yup, you heard right. Just when you thought there was an international day for everything, the cucumber has muscled in on the action to make 14 June its own.

In a move that will cause consternation in financial markets worldwide, today Hendrick’s Gin will recognise the true value of the cucumber by transforming the humble green fruit into exchangeable monetary units in celebration of World Cucumber Day.Cucumber

The green gourd-lover has partnered with select Young’s, Balls Brothers and Alchemist bars and pubs across the UK to facilitate the unorthodox transaction. The bars will accept bona fide cucumbers of any species as ‘bar tender’ in exchange for a refreshing Hendrick’s G&T during the world’s first ‘Cucumber Hour’.

Hendrick’s has been experimenting with cucumbers for some time, and the latest findings come from a collaboration with cucumber scientist Graham Brown of the University of Sydney.

A ‘genuinely scientific experiment’ to determine the sensitivity of cucumbers found, amongst other things, that they grew ‘larger and juicier’ as a result of unconventional caring methods. We’re saying nothing.

The last three months have seen green-fingered fans across the globe initiate a bond with their own cucumbers to cultivate them in readiness for World Cucumber Day – an annual celebration of the inimitable green fruit and all its remarkable virtues.

‘Cucumber Hour’ will run from 5pm to 8pm on Wednesday 14 June and is limited to one Hendrick’s & Tonic per person – so when you hit the shops, do leave some cucumbers for the rest of the populace to enjoy.

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