Japanese woodland-inspired Kokoro

Drinks: Gin
Location: Japan

KokoroPicture a forest in the Japanese Alps, home to more than 50 endangered species of flora and fauna, and an exotic berry that causes your tongue to tingle… There are more unlikely gin background stories, OK?

Welsh-born environmentalist CW Nicol – Uncle Nic – has dedicated his life to this particular woodland, the inspiration for his nephew’s creation of Kokoro Gin. The electric ingredient, the sansho berry, is grown and picked in that woodland, while the gin is distilled back in Blighty, at Thames Distillers.

It’s fresh and juniper-forward on the nose, with the palate more reminiscent of that Japanese woodland. You’ll also be relieved to know that the electric effect of the sansho is minimal, and that the gin overall is excellent.

42% abv, £29.95/70cl, Forest Spirits, kokorogin.com

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