Pickering’s adds Scottish botanicals to its Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo gin


Pickering’s Gin is set to launch an exclusive tartan bottling with four very Scottish botanicals to commemorate The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

For the first time, Pickering’s has added Scottish botanicals – heather, Scots pine, bog myrtle and milk thistle – to its base spirit.

Pickering's Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo Gin‘Scottish botanicals are not part of Pickering’s DNA,’ Matt Gammell, co-founder and head distiller, said. ‘Our inspiration is derived from an original Bombay gin recipe that dates back to 1947.

‘Key Pickering’s botanicals like cinnamon, cloves and cardamom are a far cry from indigenous Scottish botany. However this year’s splash of tartan theme for The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo posed an experimental opportunity not to be missed.

‘This is our own take on a classic Scottish gin, incorporating the characteristic Pickering’s punch.’

The collector’s edition bottle (42% abv) comes complete with a tartan wrap, which is The Edinburgh Military Tattoo’s official tartan of red, green and blue mix – the military colours of the army, navy and air force.

Marcus Pickering, co-founder and head of export, added: ‘We’re a proud Edinburgh business and, like The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, we’re constantly looking outward.

‘The Splash of Tartan theme celebrates Scotland’s disparate clans and families and the spread of Scottish ideas across the world. In our opinion, there’s no better example of this than the current popularity of Scottish spirits overseas.’

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo partnership is said to have opened doors for the brand, with opportunities in Australia, New Zealand and Asia in the offing.

‘We hope our collectable half bottle will delight the thousands of visitors to the city as much as the locals who enjoy the fireworks emerge from the Castle Esplanade every evening in August,’ Pickering added.

The new gin is now available from The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo shop on Cockburn Street, directly from Pickering’s Summerhall distillery and online. It will also soon be available from selected Edinburgh retailers.

This is the fourth year Pickering’s has been the official gin of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

 42% abv, £20


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