Portobello: The Sequel

Drinks: Gin
Location: England

The first instalment of Portobello Road Gin was an instant classic, wowing audiences the world over, and a box-office success. Rather than cash in on the franchise and merely release a sequel, though, the four men behind the brand have elected to release a Directors’ Cut instead, guest starring asparagus. Over at Imbibe we’ve had the opportunity to taste one of the first samples to be bottled, and it’s interesting stuff.

Portobello’s four directors, Ged Feltham, Paul Lane, Jake Burger and Tom Coates set out to create a gin where they’d hand-sourced the botanicals. The result is distilled by Burger at The Ginstitute in west London. The asparagus isn’t shy, dominating the nose and making itself felt on the palate too – good for mixing if you’re exploring vegetal flavours in a cocktail. In addition, there’s some soft sweetness, leading to some very welcome bitterness from the addition of some gentian to the botanical mix.

Only 1,000 bottles have been produced (from 10kg of asparagus spears, fact seekers), so don’t waste any time. Bottles will be available from 21 October, just pop into the Portobello Star, or visit portobelloroadgin.com.

47% abv, £39/70cl, Portobello Road Gin

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