That Boutique-y Gin unveils Olfactor-y range inspired by fragrances


If the sweet smell of juniper isn’t enough for your bar’s demanding gin drinkers, That Boutique-y Gin Company’s new range is for you. The producer has collaborated with fragrance specialist and author Lizzie Ostrom to create a line of gins inspired by perfume.

The new collection, dubbed Olfactor-y, is comprised of four expressions, each developed with a different aroma in mind.

Fresh Rain Gin is meant to smell like petrichor, the scent of rainfall on dry earth, thanks to botanicals such as beetroot and edible clay.

Dead King Gin is modelled after the smell of the Egyptian mummification process (think embalming botanicals like rosemary, honey, moss and myrrh – not preserved flesh).

Big Dipper Gin draws its inspiration from funfairs, with a blend of sweet cocoa, cardamom and smoky botanicals intended to call forth visions of hot dog stalls and roller coasters.

Finally, Beware of the Woods uses Icelandic moss, nutmeg and cubeb to evoke the scent of the forest.

‘The inspiration for this range came when I was listening to an interview with Lizzie on Radio 4 one morning,’ said Ben Ellefsen, managing director of Atom Brands, the company behind Boutique-y Gin. Atom Brands tapped Ostrom to consult on the scents of the liquids.

Meanwhile, artist Philippa Stanton designed the packaging, with illustrations inspired by synaesthesia, a neurological condition that links the senses – like smelling colours or seeing sounds, for instance.

The release of Olfactor-y follows Atom Brands’ launch of That Boutique-y Rum Company last month. The new gin range is currently available exclusively through Harvey Nichols, and will be distributed to the on-trade through Maverick Drinks from 23 December.

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