Gōng Bar releases second serious cocktail menu, Director’s Cut

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Gōng Bar has enlisted Drinksology to create its second serious cocktail menu, Director’s Cut. Twenty drinks, including four mocktails, grace the menu divided into ten film genres.

‘There are 20 drinks on the menu and they all have equal attention,’ Gōng bar manager Fabio Dal Bosco, told Imbibe. ‘For us, we put as much attention on non-alcoholic/ mocktail offerings.’

This isn’t a new thing for Gōng, its last menu, The Circle of Life, was split into four sections to mirror the stages of development and each one had a non-alcoholic choice.

One of the 21 directors: Woody Allen

‘There are not a lot of people paying a lot of attention to this. The last menu had a mocktail in each category so people who don’t drink could walk through the journey. We were a bit sad last night when we said goodbye to the last menu but this is a new, exciting chapter.’

Work on Director’s Cut began last summer. Dal Bosco and the entire bar team at the pinnacle of the Shangri-La Hotel were involved in the process. With thousands of movies to choose from, the team decided to focus on directors and their most memorable works. The likes of Ridley Scott, Christopher Nolan and Baz Luhrmann have drinks made in their name.

The menu is split into Adventure/Fantasy, Romantic/Sci- Fi, Thriller/ Drama, Crime/Action and Animation/ Superhero.

‘There is a parallel with the cinema world,’ the bar manager explains. ‘There are elements to create a great movie and a lot of elements to create a drink. We need great products and we need great creativity and great location.’

When the concept was decided, the team approached the most in-demand creative minds of the moment – Drinksology of Dead Rabbit fame. ‘We came up with the concept and there was a lot of collaboration and back and forth,’ Dal Bosco said.

Like the menu, the drinks are trying to compete with the world’s best.

‘We work a lot with home-made product and infusions,’ Dal Bosco added. ‘We are using a lot of the new techniques. Sous-vide is something people have started to use – so of course we are starting to use this. There’s also shrubs and sherbets and home-made products.’

Speed of service was also a consideration. Gōng has anywhere from 300-600 guests a day. At the weekend 400 cocktails a day are produced. The main bar area can fit 100 guests but the Sky Pool area is opened after 8pm to fit in another 50 guests. Plans are afoot to launch a cocktail menu for the exclusive pool bar.

Our favourite? The Frehed H.C. Cocktail – inspired by Alfred Hitchcock – with Sipsmith London Dry Gin, barley malt, lemon, cardamom bitters, absinthe, egg white and…  morlacco blood? You’ll have to trust us on this one.

Director’s Cut debuted last night and is now available.

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