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DLOTY reversed verticalImbibe has launched Drinks List of the Year, a new competition that aims to find and reward the best cocktail and spirits lists in bars across the UK.

If you’ve got a top selection of gins, a host of signature serves that’s unmissable, a really precise list of great cognacs, or a fantastic themed drinks list – say tiki, Asian, or prohibition – we want to know!

We’ll be giving awards including Avant-Garde Cocktail List of the Year, for lists showing creativity and originality; Classic Cocktail List of the Year, for the best-executed classics or twists; Themed List of the Year for lists with a particular focus; along with acknowledging the best lists for cognac, whisk(e)y, gin and rum.

In addition, the one stand-out list will receive our first ever Drinks List of the Year award, for a bar whose work impresses the judging panel the most.

‘There are some brilliant drinks lists in bars across the country – from iconoclastic to traditional, and top-end to informal – and we want to see them entered for this competition,’ said Imbibe‘s editor Chris Losh. ‘The bar scene in the UK has never been better, and this competition is totally designed to reflect that strength.’

‘Mixxit is a training education programme across the UK, so this fits perfectly with Drinks List of the Year for that reason. There are a lot of competitions and a lot of recognition for individuals on individual drinks, but not as a cocktail list or a drinks list as a whole,’ said Amanda Humphrey of sponsor Mixxit. ‘I’m really looking forward to seeing individuality, and all the different styles that are showcased around the UK.’

The deadline to enter is 8 July 2016, after which a judging panel including Anistatia Miller and Jared Brown, Alex Kratena and Peter Dorelli will review the lists and select a shortlist to be revealed in our September/October issue. The final winners will be revealed in November at our awards ceremony.

You can already enter your list on our website, where you will also find more information about the competition, the categories and the judging process.

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