Mangrove launches ‘world’s first’ true fresh fig liqueur in UK

Location: France, UK

Despite the fact the season is more closely associated with figgy pudding, this winter sees the arrival of the ‘world’s first’ true fresh fig liqueur to the UK.

Created using traditional techniques in Burgundy by Australian entrepreneur and owner of Think Spirits Patrick Borg, Esprit de Figues aims to capture the essence of succulent, sweet Mediterranean figs.

Violette de Bordeaux figs grown in Morocco are infused with French beet spirit (also used in Cointreau, St Germain and Chambord) for three months at a 150-year-old, family-owned distillery. This gives the liquid its rich, purple colour.

Bright, fresh figs on the nose give way to jammy sweetness, honey and vanilla, with a hint of peach on the finish. It is recommended over ice or in its signature serve, Esprit de Fizz; a glass of champagne or prosecco with a splash of the liqueur.

‘After seven long years of research, developing and finally delivering this beautiful fresh fig liqueur we are thrilled to announce Esprit de Figues is now available through Mangrove in the UK,’ said Borg.

‘The sumptuous packaging is inviting, accompanied by the liquid’s purity of fresh fig flavour and colour, enhancing cocktail occasions,’ added Nick Gillett, managing director of Mangrove.

The packaging is designed to emulate French Art Nouveau, with its embossed gold label representing luxury and exclusivity. The liqueur is already impressing judges, having won Gold and Platinum at the 2017 SIP Awards for its premium design and great taste, in the fruit/berry liqueur category. Go fig-ure!

18% abv; RRP £25/50cl; Mangrove; 020 3409 6565

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