Mezcal Amores joins Marussia

Location: Mexico

Marussia Beverages is bringing more of that agave goodness to the UK this month, in the form of Mezcal Amores.

We’re actually getting two for one – the first produced from 10-year-old Espadin agave grown in Oaxaca (41%). It’s the more floral of the pair, with herbal aromas leading into green flavours with some citrus and a Vicks-like finish. The second is made from Cupreata agave from 13-year-old Guerrero, which makes for a much funkier number. The nose’s got old leather aromas and touches of dairy, refreshed by eucalyptus on the quite bitter palate, with still some of that leather.

For those worried about the future of this smoky spirit, Amores claims to work only with sustainably cultivated agaves, and is focused on ‘preservation of the species and its biodiversity’. It’s committed to planting 10 agaves for each one it uses, and utilises no chemicals or additives.

Espadin: £41.99/70cl, Cupreata: £43.99/70cl; Marussia Beverages UK, 020 7724 5009

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