A family affair


It’s no secret that Bacardi’s celebrating its 150th birthday this year… the brand’s been going all out to mark the occasion, and rightly so. This latest associated launch is no exception.

The family recently unveiled a commemorative bottling, and it’s something special. Eight of Bacardi’s former maestros de ron were brought together to create Ron Bacardi de Maestros de Ron, Vintage, MMXII, combining rum of various ages from the last 20 years, and finishing them in a cognac barrel. Just 1,000 500ml decanters have been made, with 600 going to family members, and the remaining 400 being released – at a cool £1,200 RRP. The UK’s got 50, one of which is now in The Savoy.

The rum itself has layers of flavour, without being overly oaky, and is decidedly a part of the Bacardi range. Juicy, and a little fiery at first, this leads into a waxy honeyed note, along with some spice, before settling in for a long, fruity finish.

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