A pair of masters

Location: North America, USA

The latest in Woodford Reserve’s Master Collection has been released, and this time, instead of a single bottle, the release consists of two half bottles.

They’re both 100% rye spirits, each triple-distilled, but one went into new casks, while the other spent time in aged casks. The difference is quite distinct, even just from a visual perspective, and continues to the nose and palate.

The aged cask is all about the grain, with sugary pastry notes throughout, and the spice you’d expect from a rye whisky. The new cask, predictably, is far oakier, with darker burnt sugar notes, some sweet mint and walnut character, and a dry, peppery finish.

The collection honours the work of the mid-1800s owner of the distillery, Oscar Pepper, and master distiller James Christopher Crow.

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