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Gruppo Campari have announced their purchase of Sagatiba cachaça at a cost of $26m.

The group’s involvement with the brand dates back to March 2010, when Gruppo Campari signed a distribution agreement with Sagatiba, covering Latin America. The brand has recently enjoyed growing success in its native Brazil (which accounts for 2/3 of the brand’s global sales) as a result of the global trend for trading up and ever-increasing consumer brand-awareness.

The plan for the UK is to boost awareness of Sagatiba, particularly in the on-trade, with a particular emphasis on the premium quality of the spirit and a promotion of its signature drink: the Caipirihnia.

Christophe Schaillee, European spokesperson for Gruppo Campari described their future plans for Sagatiba in the UK further: ‘The addition of Sagatiba to Gruppo Campari’s portfolio in the UK will allow us to broaden the touchpoints with our consumers in their various consumption moments and moods. In the on trade for instance we have seen over the last few years that we have gradually expanded into a more broad spectrum of outlets. From summer terraces with Aperol Spritz and cool and arty popup bars like Frank’s Campari Bar in Peckham, to late night clubs with Skyy vodka, or American cocktail bars with Wild Turkey Bourbon. It’s all about making the brand stand out in an environment where it is specially relevant because of what the brand is and stands for. And here, I’m sure that Sagatiba will be a success.’

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