Angostura’s Legacy


The world’s most expensive rum, according to Angostura, landed in London today. Master distiller John Georges stopped by to introduce it.

Avoiding the tendency to over-oak super-premium expressions, Georges instead explained that in Legacy there is ‘a sense of spirit first of all – the fact that it was in a cask comes later’. The result is quite a sweet rum, with real richness throughout the palate, but accompanied by some dry cocoa and cinnamon spice, as well as some date-and-prune dried fruit.

The spirit is a blend of seven Angostura rums. The 50cl decanter has been created by Asprey of London, is made of crystal and silver, and is presented in a wooden case covered with Ascot Red calf leather. Only 20 have been released worldwide, priced at $25,000 each.

Legacy was created to mark the 50th anniversary of Trinidad & Tobago’s independence in 2012. ‘When it came to celebrating the anniversary, we definitely needed to be a part of that,’ said Georges. If you want to celebrate too, and you’re feeling flush, Salvatore’s got some to sell by the glass at Playboy Club, and there’s one decanter available from Burn Stewart Distillers.

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