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Location: England, Europe

It’s cheering to see a growing number of artisan liquors coming out of the UK that take pride in using local produce.

One brace of newcomers hails from Yorkshire’s Raisthorpe Manor, which has used family recipes to create a new Sloe Port liqueur (21.4% abv) and a Sloe Sherry (18.3% abv), part of a range of fruit-infused spirits (£15.95/35cl, £22.95/70cl).

Another is Owler, a revived pear spirit recipe from Gloucestershire. Created by Charles Martell (pictured), who made his name reviving cheeses including Stinking Bishop, it’s made at an old distillery on Martell’s own farm, which was originally used for the purpose until 1810, and which he’s now revived, complete with wood-fired still.

Details and tasting samples are still under wraps, but keep an eye out for this when it hits the market sometime around July.

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