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Miko Abouaf is a very busy Australian living, and distilling, in Cognac. How he ended up there is another story, and one that involves 80 days of cycling around France, distillery to distillery, and culminating in two seasons working for Martell and Courvoisier.

Cut to the present, and Abouaf now has a distillery of his own, with an array of equipment (including rotavap, copper pot still and 250l column still), and by god is he determined to use it. He’s started out contract distilling for bars, luxury brands and independent entrepreneurs (and available to those in the UK too), making unaged spirits, liqueurs, bitters and aperitifs.

He’s also about to launch a gin of his own, majoring on pink peppercorn and honey distillates, which we had an advance taste of. The pepper element is predictably dominant, giving way eventually to forest floor notes, sweet aniseed flavours, a big hit of cardamom, and some juniper to finish. Decent stuff, if spicy gin is your thing.

42.2% abv. €41/50cl. Audemus Spirits.

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