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The Drambuie Liqueur Company has joined the William Grant portfolio, joining other products such as Glenfiddich, The Balvenie, Tullamore DEW and Grant’s.

Drambuie’s CEO Michael Kennedy commented on the news: ‘We are pleased to complete this process with William Grant & Sons, a company who holds true those family values which will help Drambuie to begin its next chapter of growth.’

As for William Grant & Sons, they are glad to set their ‘passion for nurturing and building brands’ to work with Drambuie. Chief executive Stella David said: ‘Drambuie is a natural fit for our portfolio, it has a very rich history and a great story to tell. We are delighted to be in a position to start to re-engage with existing drinkers and to connect the brand with an entirely new generation of consumers.’

Drambuie’s history goes back to 1746, when it is said Bonnie Prince Charlie gave the recipe to the captain of a Highland Clan who helped him while he was on the run. Prince Charlie’s Liqueur’s recipe was then held onto until first produced in 1909, under the name Drambuie – from the Gaelic for ‘a drink that satisfies.’

A family spokesperson for William Grant & Sons concluded: ‘We have always been secret admirers of Drambuie. We are very grateful to the MacKinnon family for entrusting the future of this iconic brand to our family, and we will do our best to make them proud in the decades ahead.’

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