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As far as whisky flavour journeys go, this is an unusual one: Johnnie Walker has launched the second annual release of the limited-edition John Walker & Sons Private Collection range. The idea behind the range is for each whisky to be ‘a study of a particular flavour’, with the 2015 incarnation exploring the ‘fruity flavours that derive from the distillation process’, according to Johnnie Walker master blender Jim Beveridge.

‘The fruits that derive from the distillery are estery, fruity, floral. They’re notes that we wouldn’t expect to see from wood,’ Beveridge said. The first Private Collection release, labelled 2014, focused on smoky characters in whisky instead.

The 2015 whisky is a small-batch blend of 29 bespoke and experimental casks that has resulted in a rich, complex whisky with flavours of orange peel, peach skin, star fruit and cooked mango intermingling with medium spice notes of cinnamon and nutmeg, with a whisper of an interesting sticky hop character lingering in the background.

It’s certainly a compelling liquid for whisky fans to try. There are 8,888 numbered bottles, with 500 allocated to the UK.

46.8% abv. £550/70cl. Diageo, 020 8978 6000

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