Give it some English

Location: England, Europe
Other: Venues

It might seem like everyone’s got an encyclopaedic gin collection nowadays, but the sight still fills our hearts with joy. And it’s particularly appropriate at the ultra-English Gillrays.

Located inside the London Marriott Hotel County Hall, the steakhouse and bar are named after the English caricaturist, and look out on landmarks like the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye.

The gin list is at least 40 strong, and that’s not likely to be the final number either. In addition to all the staples, there are a few wildcards on the list too, like Belgravia and Adnams Distilled.

This assortment is used extensively in the bar’s cocktail list, where classics meet more molecular-style drinks. The list is divided into categories like ‘Edwardian’, ‘Modern Britain’, and ‘Contemporary Era’.

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