It’s a global Rematch Beeyatch


The title’s come home, thanks to Bobby Hiddleston of London’s Milk & Honey. During the London part of a global, seven-city Rematch Beeyatch on Monday, Hiddleston smashed the record with a time of 1:29.

The concept’s simple – a race against the clock to make a specific 10-drink round, with time penalties for various infractions. Hiddleston’s time includes a five-second penalty for one of his drinks.

During the Australian leg of the competition in Brisbane just hours before, Marco Nunes had achieved a time of 1:43, resulting in a collective determination in London’s Trailer Happiness to bring the record back to Rematch’s birthplace. Co-founder Tim Stones’ t-shirt said it best: ‘Colonies, remember your place!’

Stones, together with Russell Burgess, hosted the comp. The judging panel was made up of Dick Bradsell, Jake Burger, Paul McFadyen and Michael Butt, with eighteen competitors overall.

Johan Ekelund of Happiness Forgets completed his round in London in an impressive 1:51 before boarding a flight to New York to compete again, mere hours later, where he finished in a respectable 2:03.

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