Jäger’s claims verified

Location: Europe, Germany

Jägermeister’s claims about the increase in sales generated by installing a tap machine have been verified by CGA Strategy.

Cellar Trends, the company that distributes the German herb liqueur in the UK, has been claiming that their tap machines, which dispense chilled shots of Jagermeister, can help increase sales by a factor of three.

Research conducted by CGA into 300 venues found that tap machines did indeed help sales. On average, outlets sold 5.2 bottles per month before installation, which increased to 13.02. This represented an increase of £466 to sales.

The research, which categorised sample bars into segments, saw an increase of 315% in wet-led pubs, and 166% in bars. Nightclubs were benefited less, although CGA speculated that this was a result of already-high sales in this channel.

Contact Cellar Trends for more information about the Jäger tap machine.

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