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Consumer demand is a powerful thing. Just look at Cadbury buckling under the weight of social media-induced pressure to bring back Wispa.

And so it is that Dr Adam Elmegirab has been forced to reinstate his Spanish Bitters after finding himself at the end of a barrage of emails as bartender’s stocks ran low.

Initially created for a cocktail competition, and then released commercially as a limited edition batch in 2010, this highly-regarded ingredient has made its way onto numerous cocktail lists, and many barkeeps were concerned about the future of certain drinks without it.

Writing on his blog The Jerry Thomas Project, Elmegirab said, ‘As we all know, the market dictates the success of a bottling, and as with my original reformulation of Boker’s Bitters, [the]people have spoken and they want Spanish Bitters. Who am I to decide they can’t have them?’

The bitters are based on Spanish Bitters recipes from the 19th century, are handcrafted and include botanicals from roots, citrus peels and chamomile flowers.

For those interested in buying a bottle, there’s a list of Spanish Bitters stockists on Elmegirab’s blog .

Watch out for Dr Adam Elmegirab’s feature on bitters in the latest issue of Imbibe Magazine.

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